Summer at CMS 2023

Summer at CMS is both an introduction to the Montessori environment and a continuation for those students who are currently enrolled. This symbiotic mix allows children who are returning the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, while their new friends glean the benefits.

Rotating themes provide the base from which all of our summer camp activities grow. Children will feel comfortable knowing the daily routine while looking forward to new experiences that stem from our various units of study.

The schedule will mirror that of our academic year, although the Montessori work cycle will often be shortened so that children can enjoy more social and physical development. Our teachers will lead students in a combination of indoor and outdoor activities such as arts, crafts, music, creative movement, yoga, outdoor play, and gardening.

This Summer's Themes

Butterflies (July 10 - July 28)

In the first weeks of the summer we will be studying butterflies. Children will learn about different types of butterflies from all over the world, as well as discuss the amazing process of metamorphosis. We'll introduce the concept of symmetry as we take a closer look at butterfly wings. Lastly, we will take our learning outdoors as we spend time in our private courtyard and take nature walks through Cooper Park to observe any butterflies we may see in their native habitat.

Water Cycle and Rainbows (July 31- August 25)

Our second theme for summer will be a study of the Water Cycle and Rainbows. We'll learn about the various stages of the water cycle and discuss how different climates and temperatures can change how water looks and feels.

Along with our discussion of the water cycle, we'll explore how water and light mix to create rainbows after a heavy rain. We'll experiment with this by using prisms and studying the ways light and water can mix to make colors in nature. Finally, we'll get daily access to exploration with the water cycle by using our water table and digging into ice sculptures in our courtyard.

Hours and Rates

The Summer at CMS 2023 program runs from Monday, July 10th through Friday, August 25th. Parents may choose any combination of weeks, although there is a five week minimum.

When choosing fewer than 7 weeks, additional weeks may be added at any time for $445 (Half Day), $500 (Standard Day), or $625 (Extended Day) per week.

Weeks Half Day (8:30am-1pm) Standard Day (8:30am-3pm) Extended Day (8:30am-6pm)
5 2,225 (445 x 5) 2,500 (500 x 5) 3,125 (625 x 5)
6 2,580 (430 x 6) 2,910 (485 x 6) 3,660 (610 x 6)
7 2,905 (415 x 7) 3,290 (470 x 7) 4,165 (595 x 7)

Register for Summer at CMS

Summer at CMS is only offered to current students and students enrolled in an upcoming Academic Year.

For these students, registration forms are made available each Spring.